Brandon Forys

Hi there! I'm a Masters' student at UBC Psychology and an avid explorer of psychology, neuroscience, and AI.

Organizations I've worked with

Current projects

Here's what I've been working on lately:

I've adapted a leading pose-tracking system to work in real time and integrate with GPIO output.


A smart, cashless and accountable textbook exchange platform. Built for nwHacks 2019.


An app connecting hikers to great trails. Built for nwHacks 2018.


I've helped build an open source publishing platform for modern newspapers.

Web Development

As a volunteer web developer for The Ubyssey, the most read student-run newspaper in Canada, I implemented new features on the website and fixed issues on the website. I also contributed to Dispatch, an open source publishing platform developed by the Ubyssey. On the side, I develop websites for organizations like the Turing Club.


I want to understand how people work. Right now, I'm exploring how people use effort to get things they like and avoid things they don't like, as well as what makes a sound unpleasant or pleasant. I also develop computer vision solutions for tracking animal movements and analyzing their brain activity, so that we can better understand how people recover from stroke. I'm also characterizing the regulation of stress-related hormones in rats. In short, I'm always curious.



Through teaching others about topics that interest me, I learn a lot about a variety of topics: what fascinates people and what drives them, to name a few. As co-founder of the AMS Turing Club at UBC, I helped people explore AI by developing their own programs, so that anyone from any background could use AI to aid their lives or revolutionize their field. As a Psychology teaching assistant at UBC, I help guide students through foundational psychology courses and cutting-edge research.